ChatterPlug directly embeds into branded mobile applications, providing a platform for the creation, management, and tracking of engaged experiences for on-site customers.

  • Guaranteed On-Location Engagement - ChatterPlug's proprietary GPS technology ensures that customers are on-site and engaged when communicating with businesses. Capturing insights on-the-spot, during the customer experience, greatly increases the value of the insight gained.
  • Customer Analytics - Businesses capture the same business intelligence data as their web counterparts, making decisions on real data detailing their on-site customer interactions and engagements.
  • Customizable Engagement Currency™ - ChatterPlug allows businesses to integrate into existing, or create new loyalty programs, incentivizing customer loyalty and retention tied to the engagement process.
  • Enterprise Management - Businesses receive actionable alerts across all levels of an organization and view data in aggregate, or at any level of granularity so that store managers, as well as executives, can keep constant tabs on their business performance.

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