The ChatterPlug Toolbox is your one-stop shop for engaging, optimizing and retaining your customer-base. How? Glad you asked.

Chatterplug Engage
Chatterplug Retain
Chatterplug Optimize
Chatterplug Power
  • Mobile Voices - Interact with your customers in real-time while they're on-location, providing previously unavailable insight and authenticity to your customer feedback, while enabling you to provide a first-class experience and service.
  • Liking & Commenting - Experience the power of customer feedback as your customers like and comment on other's feedback, creating a vibrant, quality stream of customer feedback and intelligence.
  • Following - Create Community among your brand's customers. Allow them to follow and interact with each other and businesses wherever they are.
  • Broadcasting - Gain valuable insight from your customers. Get the answers to strategy-shaping questions and influence user behavior.
  • User Profiles - Maintain valuable demographic information for your user base, better targeting and retaining customers.
  • Social Push - Give your customers the power to share their experiences via their social networks, exposing your first-class customer service to the world.
  • Nearby/Search for Location - Be found by your customers. Allow your customers to locate your nearest locate or search based on specific address or location detail.
  • Engagement Currency - Reward your customers for engaging with your brand - and providing valuable feedback - with customizable loyalty rewards increasing both quality and quantity of feedback.
  • POS Integration - Track your engagement currency redemptions with barcode and QR codes.
  • Rewards - Ensure that your customers see the best you have to offer by listing of all your specials.
  • Date/Time Parting - Manage the time and date that your rewards and specials are able to be redeemed, giving you maximum control over your customer retention efforts. 
  • Visit Patterns - Understand the when, how and why behind your customer visits.
  • Engagement Tracking - See how your customers are interacting with your business. 
  • Allies & Enemies - Learn what other businesses your customers visit. Competitor? Complimentary? Leverage it to more effectively market your business.
  • Customer Retention and Performance - Gain valuable insight into how your best customers are performing and what you can do to keep them loyal for life. 
  • Plug and Play Technology - Integrating best-in-class tools into your mobile application has never been easier. Leverage the ChatterPlug SDK to efficiently integrate components of the ChatterPlug toolbox into your application. 
  • The ChatterPlug Backend - Access all components of ChatterPlug Engage, Retain and Optimize through a single login - providing you an intuitive interface to manage your on-location customer interactions.

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