Client Overview

A leading travel company hosted a regional event to train attendees and showcase thought-provoking speakers.

The Solution

ChatterPlug's real-time engagement technology was utilized to gather up-to-the-minute insights from attendees regarding the event and speakers via iPhone and Android applications. Further, the travel company leveraged the technology to ask specific questions of their attendees. With feedback ranging from presentation quality to logistics, our client was ensured that all of their event attendees had a first-class experience, while gathering valuable information to make their next event even more successful.

How'd we do?

Engagement Rate
Engagement Per Visitor
Customer Satisfaction

A 28% engagement rate was achieved via ChatterPlug technology. Typical industry averages are less than 1%. Further, each visitor engaged an average of 3.6 times and rated their experience as a 4.7 out of 5. What's more, each event attendee replied an average of 1.4 times to specific questions asked by our travel client.

By incorporating ChatterPlug into their business, our client improved their event, ensured that no one left with a bad experience and used these new insights from their attendees to set the foundation for even better event in the future.

But don't take our word. See what users had to say about ChatterPlug’s mobile application technology:

Penny Pulz
Love the app. Awesome!
Martin Klabunde
This is revolutionary!
Application is great and easy to use!
Robert Bathey
Super Cool.
TJ McGreevy
Great concept. Easy to use.